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Sunshine Stories: Mojarra Monday

As I watched Taylor come tight with the fish, I could feel her unexpected excitement. It was the first or second cast of the evening and the piece of shrimp had barely hit the bottom and she was hooked up... Continue Reading →

Sunshine Stories: Bridge Troll

Where do you fish when you have no boat and limited resources? The best close to home spot with access and for me, more times than not, that's under a bridge. When I arrived in the Sunshine State for the... Continue Reading →

Spring Bowhunting: Talkin’ Turkey with Tim Cool

As hunters we long for the fall season and the ancient harvest ritual it brings, but there's a season that brings another ritual, a time of year when tom turkeys perform their annual dance. We as hunters rise before the... Continue Reading →

Why Would Anyone Make Maple Syrup?

Making maple syrup is messy and time consuming. It's also easy to mess up. Sap grows mold easily and has to be kept cold until it is boiled. It takes 40 gallons of maple sap to make 1 gallon of... Continue Reading →

Finger Lakes Confessions: Trout Roots

I've been pretty salty lately and I have no plans on changing that any time soon. The salt and the fishes it holds kidnapped my mind some time ago, but life has funny ways of leading you down different paths,... Continue Reading →

Finger Lakes Confessions: Perch Medicine

I'm by no means a die-hard perch fisherman, but these little guys have saved me from mental meltdown during many a late winters day. Those days that aren't quite yet spring but the ice-fishing is long gone. The yellow perch... Continue Reading →

Growing Food: Part One; The Seed

Whether you know it or not, you have ancestral farmer blood flowing through your veins. That's right your ancestors were farmers, even if they were nomadic hunters they gathered and most likely cultivated a few special plants for food and... Continue Reading →

Instinctive Archery: Practicing Hunting Shots

Okay so you're killing foam deer standing in a warm, bright range on your league night. Don't get me wrong, any practice is better than no practice, but can you hit that 10 ring on that foam deer you're hunting...from... Continue Reading →

Best of 2017

It's been almost a year since we started this website and 2017 was quite a year. It was an exciting year with quite a bit of travel between our home state of New York and the North Carolina Coast, with... Continue Reading →

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