The Magic of the Canoe

The grass looks as if it holds secrets… Secrets to ways of long ago. Ways that had simple but profound meanings. A time that had simple, elegant tools made from the land surrounding us…

I’m lost in another time, staring deep into the reflection of tall marsh grass on the water. In a time when this ritual was a daily journey of survival. A ritual of gathering food for the tribe, gliding in a simple boat made from a tree that lived within sight. A few simple tools made from hand, made with careful precision and patience for a very important job. I’m snapped back to reality with the thought of taking a photograph, and realize the piece of plastic we’re floating on and that Taylor is now doing all the paddling. With the dock of the boat launch now in view, the ways of the modern world come flooding back in. But the important job is still the same, and it’s been a job well done. There’s dinner in the cooler. canoe magic 2

Whether made out of birch bark, a tree, or plastic: A canoe has a way of transcending time, it becomes part of the landscape. Things slow down. Without the smell or noise of a motor, the sounds and smells of nature start to come to life. It becomes more than just fishing, your eyes and ears begin to wander.


Photography by Saxton and Taylor

All photography in this article is property of

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