Fishing with Hacker usually involves nasty weather and early mornings. That was no different this morning, but when he told me how he has this center pin fishing thing down, and has a line of new soft plastics out called Death Roe, that was news. And I’ve got news if you’re into Trout, Steelhead, stream, fly or whatever kind of fishing and you haven’t picked up a center pin reel: you’re missing out. And the Death Roe plastics well they are…deadly.

death roe steel

Hacker quickly showed us how it’s done and in no time he had the first fish in the net; A beautiful Steelhead which turned out to be the only one of the day. Well, besides the other one Hacker decided to release before it made it to the net. But the rest of the day was brown town…

death roe 2

If you’re not familiar with a center pin reel: It’s a super smooth, free spooling reel with no drag made to easily feed line out. It gives your bait a very natural drift downstream, but is not the easiest reel to operate. Especially in the wind for the line comes off the reel faster than you would like at times.

After some lessons from the master and a few hours of fishing, I started to get the hang of it and so did Taylor. Although she didn’t get to hook up with one, she did get one handed off to her and experienced the thrill of  fighting one of these hefty browns right into the net.

Frozen toes and fingers were forgotten as the Brown Trout breakfast buffet began. With chef Hacker serving eggs and bacon Death Roe style. A nice discolor to the water made the hot baits of the day  The Nuke Green Glow and Convict Crawler in Chartreuse glow green. The softness of these baits are like the real thing but the durability is unreal. Besides a couple donations to the local trees, most of the re-baiting done was playing with different colors.

Fighting a fish with one of these reels is a blast: close quarters, no drag, basic but finesse. With a big lively trout on the end of your line, it’s not an easy task. We lost our share of fish. I especially had trouble keeping a hook in one’s mouth in the start of things. With a cold wind blowing, keeping the line tangle free and on the reel was another story. But when it all goes right… it’s good, real good.IMG_0474

The morning was great fun. Learning new ways of fishing is always at the top of my list, especially learning from an old friend. And to be catching fish with a quality product made by one doesn’t get any better. I could go on about how great these baits are but the box really says it all.

IMG_7062 (1) -



Photography by Taylor and Hacker

All photography in this article is property of

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