Sunshine Stories: Mojarra Monday

As I watched Taylor come tight with the fish, I could feel her unexpected excitement. It was the first or second cast of the evening and the piece of shrimp had barely hit the bottom and she was hooked up with this mystery fish…

Taylor swung the fish from the water and as it dangled there before us, both our faces were in awe and confusion. “What the hell is it? ” “It’s beautiful.” “It looks like bait. It looks oily and fishy tasting.” “Should we keep it?” I pulled out the phone and tried to find it on the FWC chart…nothing. I typed “round silvery fish Florida ” in google and there it was, the first image. “It’s a Mojarra?” Taylor quickly responded with “Can we eat it?” “Yeah, apparently they are good eatin.”

Shortly after Taylor’s Mojarra was in the cooler, I landed my first Mojarra. I lost another and landed a fatty after dark. We had enough for dinner. I love the experience of cooking and eating a new fish. It’s always an adventure good or bad.

After dinner Taylor gave me a smart-ass, “And you were going to use it for bait.” In my defense, apparently it’s great bait. We will probably never know.

Photography by Saxton and Taylor

All Photography in this article is Property of

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