Sunshine Stories: Bridge Troll

Where do you fish when you have no boat and limited resources? The best close to home spot with access and for me, more times than not, that's under a bridge. When I arrived in the Sunshine State for the first time the first place I ended up fishing was, yup, you guessed it...under a... Continue Reading →

Growing Food: Part One; The Seed

Whether you know it or not, you have ancestral farmer blood flowing through your veins. That's right your ancestors were farmers, even if they were nomadic hunters they gathered and most likely cultivated a few special plants for food and medicine. There's no better way to connect to mother earth than getting your hands dirty. ... Continue Reading →

Best of 2017

It's been almost a year since we started this website and 2017 was quite a year. It was an exciting year with quite a bit of travel between our home state of New York and the North Carolina Coast, with a short journey to the state Utah as well. It had its ups and downs... Continue Reading →


Fishing with Hacker usually involves nasty weather and early mornings. That was no different this morning, but when he told me how he has this center pin fishing thing down, and has a line of new soft plastics out called Death Roe, that was news. And I've got news if you're into Trout, Steelhead, stream,... Continue Reading →

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