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Exploring Utah; Part Two: Race Day, Bonneville Vintage GP

I wonder if I'll ever love doing something so much that I stop thinking when I do it. The background noise will fade and my ability to focus will be at its peak. I will accomplish amazing things if I... Continue Reading →

Exploring Utah; Part One: Big Cottonwood Canyon

 With a week to explore Utah, while on a trip to Utah Motorsports Campus to watch our friend Kevin race his vintage BMW motorcycle, my first thought was how can we make a fishing trip out of this as well.... Continue Reading →

Recipe #2: Wholeamole

I hear it all the time: The key to making good food is using good ingredients. 100% true. There are tons of guacamole recipes that might be easier and faster than this one, but this recipe uses all whole food... Continue Reading →

Recipe #1: Catfish Tacos

 It's now August and with the heat of summer bearing down it can put a damper on fishing for a lot of species, but not the wily catfish. I can't think of a more summer-time fish, maybe the Largemouth Bass... Continue Reading →

The Magic of the Canoe

The grass looks as if it holds secrets... Secrets to ways of long ago. Ways that had simple but profound meanings. A time that had simple, elegant tools made from the land surrounding us... I'm lost in another time, staring... Continue Reading →

“Come on Fish!” Fishing with Captain Joey VanDyke of Outer Banks Fishing Charters

    I was thinking it was bigger than the last one. After the first time the fish tried to swim away is when I started feeling beat up. I was afraid it was going to try to swim around... Continue Reading →


There's so many things I love about fishing, The thing I love the most is how it brings us full circle with nature, a deep understanding of the natural ebbs and flows of daily life on this planet. It brings... Continue Reading →

An Interview with Long Bow Joe: A lifetime of chasing New York big bucks

Long Bow Joe is what most folks know him by in his neck of the woods, but to me it's always been dad. He taught me how to shoot a bow, cast a line, and to have respect for the natural... Continue Reading →

Sax Survival Tip : #1 Birch bark

Depending on the species of birch, its bark has been used for making everything from canoes, to paper, to shingles for a roof, but for me its most desirable use is as tinder. The bark is loaded with oils that... Continue Reading →

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