I don’t know what was my first love: fishing or archery . I had a bow and fishing pole stuck in my hands as a little guy. I was named after Dr. Saxton Pope a founder of what we call modern archery and bow hunting. My father was and is an avid bow hunter and outdoorsman and that’s how I got the name. Anyways back to this Saxton guy, the Dr. Pope, he was a doc in California and became friends with this guy named Ishi. Well Ishi wasn’t just a guy, he was the last Yahi Indian. He wandered into a slaughterhouse starved and desperate as he knew he was the last of his people. Well long story short Ishi ended up at the museum of anthropology and that’s were he met Dr. Saxton Pope; They became great friends. Dr. Pope taught Ishi about the new world he had been thrust into and Ishi taught him about the ways of the bow and arrow, the animals and hunting them. Ishi left us with a great deal of knowledge about the way of native archery and bow hunting, and the ways of his People. We all can trace our ancestry back to some form of tribe that lived in the ways we call native or aboriginal. Close to mother nature. That kind of knowledge is priceless and needs to be remembered, it’s the human story. We all live on this big bad rock and the old ways stood the test of time if we don’t remember them we might not .



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Taylor has the endless job of turning all the ramblings and chicken-scratch into a finished product so that all of you on the world wild web can read along. She also has talent behind the lens and produces a large percentage of the photography on this site.